Services and Products

Heating Oil Plus

For over 20 years our heating oil has been delivered pre-mixed with Heating Oil Plus, an industry-leading additive by Global Companies LLC. We purchase this product at the rack and it is injected into every gallon we deliver. You can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality fuel on the market. We also provide Global’s excellent anti-gel additive Sub Zero, which ensures a reliable flow of oil in outdoor storage tanks when temperatures drop.

Automatic Delivery

Never worry about your oil tank again. With automatic delivery, we monitor your home’s fuel consumption and deliver to you as needed. You can forget about calling in to your old company, worrying if they can make it to you in time during a cold snap.

On-Demand (Call In) Delivery

Some of our customers prefer to keep track of their own oil consumption and call in as needed. Keep in mind that in severe weather it may take multiple days to receive a delivery, and for that reason we recommend that you do not let your tank run below 1/4.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Starting in 2023 we have partnered with Prime Heating & Cooling to offer an expanded array of services for our customers. Prime can maintain any HVAC system you have. Not only oil burners and plumbing, but air conditioning, propane, natural gas systems, and more!

Contact Prime at 401-443-6769 or visit their website for more details.

Payment Plans

Spread your heating costs over a 12 month period to reduce payments during the winter. For new customers please let us know your average yearly consumption so that we may calculate an accurate budget payment.